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I’ve seen this video around a lot on tumblr, and it’s genuinely a really good abs workout. It’s quite hard to follow though, so I’ve written it up for anyone who wants to give it a go. If anything seems unclear, watch the video. I’ve written most of this in relation to the lyrics because that’s easiest for the moves which are held. Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) 

I did not devise this routine myself, I have only notated it so it is easier for people to follow if they wish to.

  • Fast knee up 
  • 2x Bicycle Crunches 
  • Fast knee up 
  • 2x Bicycle crunches 
  • V sit (quick) 
  • 2x Bicycle crunches 
  • V sit (quick) 
  • 2x Bicycle crunches 
  • 4x Bicycle crunches to the right 
  • 4x Bicycle crunches to the left 
  • 4x Bicycle crunches alternating 
  • Boy don’t even try to touch thismove into Dish Position 
  • This is how they made memove into Reverse Dish Position 
  • This goes out to all my girlsmove back into Dish Position 
  • Get more money later - move into Reverse Dish Position
  • I think I need a barber - remain in Reverse Dish and bounce your arms and legs 
  • Boy, I’m just playing - just bounce your legs 
  • Come here babybounce both your arms and legs 
  • My persuasionlift yourself up into a cobra pose 
  • Build a nation - bring your legs up to touch your head 
  • Endless powerbring your legs down 
  • Our love we can devour - bring your torso back down 
  • Do anything for memove up into a forearms plank 
  • Run the world - lift up one leg and bounce 
  • Run this mothaswitch legs 
  • Who run the world - alternate your legs 
  • It’s hot up in here - move your weight so that you are now resting on your hands instead of your forearms. Repeat this movement
  • Raise a glass - move your legs apart and dip your pelvis from side to side (you may need to refer to the video as this is quite hard to explain) 
  • Boy you know you love it - forearm plank 
  • Come here baby - spread your arms out in front of you so that you are lowering the plank but do not completely drop to the floor
  • Hate me - end plank 
  • My persuasion - rise into a cobra position 
  • Build a nationmove your legs up to touch your head 
  • Endless power - lower your legs
  • Our love we can devour - lower your torso 
  • Do anything for me  - roll onto your side 
  • Who run the worldLift yourself into a side forearm plank and bounce 
  • Who run this motha - switch sides, repeat this three times before returning to a forearm plank and bouncing 
  • What we  - come to sit and stretch to touch your toes 
  • The world - sit back up 
  • Repeat this in 2nd position (with your legs slightly more apart)

I hope you have fun!!